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      On April 28,2012, Wuxi ITS industry alliance was established by ZTE ITS along with ITS companies, financial organizations, universities, research institutes and public service organizations under the guidance of Wuxi Economic and Information Technology Commission. The alliance aims to integrate government resources, R & D resources, corporate resources, financial resources and service resources into ITS industry and to form a complete industry chain for complementary advantages, coordinate development and resource sharing so that a competitive ITS industry will be established in Wuxi.

      At present, there are more than 40 enterprises in the first batch of members, including leading enterprises and many professional companies in Wuxi.

      As introduced by leaders in the Wuxi Economic and information Technology Commission, the whole alliance is planning to build 3 large platforms which include joint technology platform, joint project platform and joint financial platform and 6 professional departments which include traffic information service department, sensing internet of things department, traffic and security department, communication signal department, software service department and internet of vehicles department. With the establishment of 3 large platforms and 6 professional departments, all members in the alliance can give play to respective speciality and promote their work according to their business. Also, they can realize joint development and achievement tranfermation through technological platform, realize competition and mutual service through project platform and realize financial service through financial platform.

      Presidnet of ZTE ITS, Liu Haifeng said that ITS companies is facing many problems like scale limitation, weak strength of monomer, weak power of R&D technology, a lack of financial support and ability limitation of undertaking large scale projects. ITS industry chain hasn't been effectively integrated and there's no efficient cooprerative platform so that companies have to face competition alone. As the center and demonstration area of national sensor network, Wuxi has strong strength on product R&D, system integration, solutions, service modes and resource integration. ITS companies and R&D institutes in Wuxi has a better competitive basis at home and abroad. Therefore, we hope ro centralize resource to Wuxi by establishing this alliance so that ITS companies can give play to advantages of cost, technology and scale and that all companies on the chain can develop together.

      It is reported that Wuxi has established 6 large industry alliances, including ITS, IA, IE, IHC, IH and IV. The 6 alliances are the 6 professional organizations that Wuxi governemnt puts great emphasis on. In the future, the integrated effect of the 6 alliances will promote rapid development of Wuxi internet of things industry.


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