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  • ZTE ITS Winned the Bid of ITS Management and Control System ...

     Wednesday, 29 August 2012 17:35

      On Aug. 28th, 2012, ZTE ITS winned the bid of ITS management and control system project in Changde, Hunan Province. This was the first urban ITS project which gave priority to integrated management platform in 2012. It symbolized mature application of integrated management platform based on independent research and development.

      ZTE ITS's integrated management platform which concentrates on performance improvement, intelligent management and control is a multi-function integrated management platform, such as IOT, cloud computing, GIS, video monitoring, event detection, flow detection, violation monitoring, traffic signal control, vehicle positioning, traffic guidance, etc. The platform has optimized road traffic management process and solved many problems like slow response, hard cooperative work of the police and multi-command. Integrated management of pre-event prediction, command during event and after-event analysis has achieved. It also helps to frighten violations, reduce accidents and solve insufficient police and traffic resources. Combined with multi-channel information service method, the platform helps to improve traffic management service level and make urban traffic state better.

      After giving full play to the platform, ITS management level of Changde will be effectively improved and a special management mechanism will be formed to improve soft power of ITS in Changde.

  • ZTE ITS's HD Video Surveillance System

     Facing endless road accidents and criminal cases, as well as hit and run, stealing and motor vehicles and motor vehicles violation driving, traffic management department has an urgent need for the latest intelligent management system application to the modern city traffic management. Everyday, there are a large number of vehicles driven in and out of the city. Therefore, increased monitoring of the intensity of road traffic can effectively prevent and decrease road accidents and can assist public security organs to crack criminal cases.

     ZTE ITS HD video surveillance system (ZIGQ-KK-SP) can realize automatical recording function of vehicles' images, speed determination, license plate recognition and speed alarm function and blacklist dispatched alarm function, traffic flow detection. The system uses self-developed region-wide rules dynamic target detection and tracking technology and advanced photovoltaic technology, image processing, pattern recognition technology to quickly capture the hit and run vehicles, illegal vehicles, blacklist vehicles through quickly capture, record, and license plate recognition. The system can realize year-round 24-hour continuously automatical record of vehicle composition, flow distribution and violations to provide powerful base and running data to traffic planning, traffic management and maintenance department and also provide important technical means and evidence to accidents and theft and robbery cases.

     High dependability of video detection technology ensures high capturing rate

     ZTE ITS HD video surveillance system uses latest technology of the computer vision field of view to provide model training within the field of view and to optimize the tracking and detection algorithm. It is a breakthrough solution to the difficulty of target detection and classification of complex scenes.

     The system also conduct training for video detection of the source of interference, to achieve a variety of sources of interference filter, making the mistaken shot, and drain the shot being controlled effectively. The adaptive adjustment of the system software algorithms can easily cope with the impact of inclement weather, the light changes, and other natural environmental factors, to ensure the accuracy of vehicle detection. In addition, it uses multi-rule and multi-result judgement to analyze video stream frame by frame so that the only result can be achieved and image capture rate and efficiency can also be ensured.


     Whole-region and multi-rule behavior judgement

     "Whole-region and multi-rule dynamic target detection and tracking technology" can track and judge various illegal behaviors (retrograde, illegal parking, pressure the yellow line, etc.) and automatically record normal vehicles to realize maximize usage of monitoring video resources.

     HD image capturing equipments can effectively increase the accuracy of plate number recognition

     ZIGQ-KK-SP uses the high-definition intelligent processing unit to integrate a one million-pixel color progressive scan CCD, high-speed DSP, large-scale the FPGA, 100M Ethernet. Its external interface can be flexibly defined which is fully adapted to the customized needs of ITS.

     Powerful back-stage management increases maintenance of the system

     The back-stage central management server examines and verifies violation data and check the accuracy of violation data to ensure dependability and realness of punishment evidence. Each equipment can manage data requests from several junctions and optimize the rapid response mechanism of the large amount of data to realize server load balancing deployment in order to better meet the intelligent transportation of massive data processing requirements.

     The back stage also support central mining data information, blacklist vehicles control, report of red light jumping and ticket printing. The smooth data transfer of various aspects ensures practicality and interactivity of the system.

     Background management system of ZIGQ-KK-SP can remotely control and manage online equipments, including basic information input, device detection zone configuration, parameter configuration, equipment condition monitoring, the device clock synchronized display, equipment failure alarm, the system blog, and support e-mail, SMS notification feature. Operating report and warranty are provided to users.

     Flexible communications network solutions provide users with customized services

     Depending on professional communication technology, ZTE ITS can provide various communication network solutions to users to meet needs of different customers, different application environment and different cost performance. We can also develop customized products according to customer's application requirements to maximize product value.

  • ZTE ITS Was Invited to Attend 2012 The First International S...

     Invited by Qingdao Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, ZTE ITS attended 2012 The First China (Qingdao) International Software Expo held in Qingdao International Convention Center with its products and solutions.

     The Expo was jointly organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and Shandong Provincial Government and was undertook by Qingdao Municipal Government and Shandong Economy and Information Technology Committee. As a leading enterprise in domestic ITS IOT industry, ZTE ITS was invited to present HD video auto recording system for red light running which faces traffic management layer, portable radar speed measurement instrument and parking guidance information service platform which faces traffic information service layer. Cadres from Industry and Information Committee and Qingdao Municipal Government and visits from related industries showed great interest and attention to our exhibited projects.

     This successful exhibition has provided strong brand influence and government support to ZTE ITS's further market and company settlement in Qingdao, Shandong. Many other famous companies such as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, NEC, Fujitsu, Neusoft, Founder International Software and Hisense, etc also attended this expo.

  • ZTE ITS's Radar HD Speed Measurement and Capturing System fo...

      With the surge in the number of private cars in China and the continuously increasing mileage of highway, people's travels are becoming more and more convenient. At the same time, traffic accidents caused by human factors are also increasing. Technical supervision and punishment have become necessary methods. Therefore, how to accurately obtain the speed of the highway vehicles become a focus attention for relevant departments. Radar HD speed measurement and capturing system for motoe vehicles uses advanced photovoltaic technology, image processing, pattern recognition technology to quickly capture at points set up in urban or on highways to record passing vehicles and automatically recognize plate numbers. The system is mainly used for speeding capturing on roads. It can record and read the speed of vehicles all day by deploying measurement points and capture by comparing limited speed.


      The radar system independently developed by ZTE ITS uses radar detection and is equipped not only with speed measurement function, but also with functions of speeding capturing, blacklist control, vehicle recording and flow statistics. It can quick capture the speed of vehicles, judge speeding rate and provide punishment evidence as powerful supplement of non-spot punishment system. Firstly, the detection and measurement of the system is dependable and accurate. High-performance narrow band measurement radar equipment uses a flat microstrip array antenna design and frequency drift control technology which have independent intellectual property rights to ensure measurement accuracy in the whole temperature range. Narrow-beam radar technology can precisely locate the position of vehicles and effectively avoid interference from neighbouring lanes. The radar is responsible for detecting vehicle to capture the speed. Embedded system structure makes detection algorithm completely embedded inside the camera. The embedded control program can directly read radar signal to dependently detect vehicles. It can compare the speed of vehicles, capture speeding vehicles and provide accurate evidence. Secondly, the back stage has strong data management function which supports query statistics and report output. It can monitor speeding vehicles, suspected vehicles, multi-time violationl vehicles, vehicles involved in crimes or other special vehicles.

      The radar HD speed measurement and capturing system for motor vehicles has significant meaning to manage speeding vehicles. It can effectively restrain traffic accidents so that it has become a necessary system to highway construction.

  • ZTE ITS's HD Video E-police Leads Diversification Developmen...

      With the implementation of the national "police training" strategy, intelligentization of traffic management process has made considerable progress. As an important measure to improve off-site enforcement and to improve traffic order, the types and functions of e-police is become richer with more than 10 years' development.

      The compound HD e-police developed by ZTE ITS according to user's practical business has broken through functional singleness of traditional e-police. In addition to effective capturing of red light jumping, it is also equipped with blacklist control and alarm function, surveillance points recording function, flow statistics functions, as well as capturing illegal turning, changing and other violations. It truly realizes diversification of functions. Also, it can provide important technology and measure for breaking criminal cases.


      Firstly, Advanced video all-region multi-rule dynamic tracking detection technology can detect and record every vehicle's moving track in real time. It will automatically capture violated vehicles according to their moving track. The system can realize tracking and capturing of various violations within the region.

      Secondly, according to customers' requirements, the system can automatically record images of passing vehicles when the light is green. It can realize real-time alarm to speeding vehicles, red light jumping vehicles and other violated vehicles and can compare them with vehicles on blacklist to realize investigation without stopping.

      In order to meet needs of urban traffic management, ZTE ITS's HD video e-police takes advantage of all-region multi-rule dynamic object detection algorithm to calculate number of vehicles and their passing time. Combined with dedicated formula of traffic analysis, it can directly provide traffic flow statistics, including traffic flow and occupancy rate. Various reports and analysis data reports will be generated in forms of flow chart, flow meter, flow graph according to time, type and direction. traffic statistics query and download capabilities can be provided and daily report, weekly reports, monthly reports and annual reports can also be issued. Report functions can be defined according to customers' requirements as a basis to detect traffic state and to analyze traffic statistics. It is easy for traffic management department to master traffic flow situation.


      It is worth mentioning that HD e-police integrates with strong ITS integrated management platform system to  make application more humanization, easier to be operated and managed. The distributed system architecture put works of data processing on the back end. On the basis of giving full play to front end performance, it can effectively manage front-end equipments. Rapid response mechanism and perfect load balancing deployment accord with data processing requirements. Smooth data transferring of every link ensures practicality and interactivity of the system.

      In addition, the system is also equipped with anti-dazzle fill-in light function, self-adaptation function to severe environment, anti-tampering function to images, timing function, fault self-diagnosis and self-recovery function, remote maintenance function, real-time monitoring function and so on. In a word, this product has diversification and high cost performance to promote stronger competitiveness in e-police products industry.


      ZTE ITS LIMITED about intelligent transportation

      ZTE ITS LIMITED intelligent transportation (wuxi) Co., LTD. Was established in April 2000, zte Co., LTD. Is committed to the intelligent transportation in the field subsidiary, is China's first batch to be engaged in intelligent transportation (ITS) industry of high-tech enterprises. The company faces the highway, rail transportation, urban transportation, water transportation port, civil aviation and transportation field pipes, etc, to provide a complete network based on things the comprehensive transportation industry intelligent system solutions and products and services.

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